Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Graphic ("your chance" part 2/10)

tram888 chose a picture of Taylor Swift. She is well-known for her curly blonde hair which was difficult to draw. But I promised to try my best and after all I'm very satisfied.
Hope you like it :)

x Annika


  1. Amazing! I wished I was picked! :((

  2. WOW! It is unreal how much I love this, the hair is definitely the best part!

  3. Just, Wow *-* This graphic is so amazing! I agree with Carrie, the hair is the best part ♥

  4. Woow *-*
    This is the best grapfic I have ever seen *O*
    Can I make it for my profil-picture?
    Sorry for my terrible English ^-^"
    Thank you Annika, thank you soo Much *o*
    I´m sprechless ♥
    I love it & I love you ;*
    Xx, Lisa , xX

  5. OH MY! This graphic it's so perfect!!!! I love it! The hair it's so stunning! also the doll's face it's so cute!! *-*

  6. OMG!! This is perfetct! *.* I agree with the others: The hair is the best and the medolls face is soo cute ♥ Wow!

  7. Ohh *-* Lisa looks soo cute! Amazing work :)