Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

First post

So this is my new blog. It's still...empty, but I'll change that in a couple of days!
I'll post my old graphics and of course some of my new works & more :)
 The models for my graphics won't get a 'contract' for 1 year or something like this.
You have everytime the chance to apply!

And now something different:
Maybe you read my last post on Limelight Management. I want you to know, why I've left:

A person (I'm sorry, but I won't say the name, it shouldn't become worse as it is)
wrote... mean comments as 'Anonymous'. Not only one or two times.
"It's nothing personal", I said to myself.
But later I found out, that she was one of my 'friends'. 
And maybe you can imagine how disappointed I was. 
 My other friend and I talked to her and at first she denied it, but then she
confessed everything...

So i decided to make a new start, with my own blog.
And I hope you can understand my decision.

x Annika 



  1. Wow *-* I write on german, because I can't speak good english..
    Dieser Blog ist dir echt gelungen *o* Ich liebe es! ♥

  2. Annikaaaaaa*-* Your English is really good :o